Asset-Based Lending

Expert Witness Services for Asset-Based Lending Litigation

Changes in government regulations, the economy, and tax codes have created a challenging lending environment. When facing possible non-performing assets, foreclosure losses, and litigation you need responsive and reliable expert witness services.

Expert Witness Experience You Need

At The Tapanen Group, we have decades of appraisal expert witness experience helping businesses, banks, attorneys and investors navigate the complex appraisal valuation issues that arise when dealing with troubled assets. From providing comprehensive industrial appraisals to litigation support services and appraisal expert witness testimony, we have the resources to help you secure a swift and favorable resolution.

Uniquely Qualified Expert Witnesses

Our certified general real estate appraisers not only have extensive experience with complex industrial facilities, but they complement that with backgrounds in finance, engineering, tax, and business. This makes our team uniquely qualified to provide in-depth appraisals and supporting expert witness testimony.

Expert Witness Solutions For:

  • Non-Performing Loans
  • Troubled Assets
  • Initial Financing
  • Term Loan Renewals
  • Collateral Evaluations

Asset Classes We Provide Expert Witness Services For:

  • Industrial Real Estate including large-scale Distribution & Warehousing
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Commercial Vehicles & Rolling Stock
  • Integrated Facilities (including all asset classes)
  • Inventory


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Expert Witness Definition: An expert witnessprofessional witness or judicial expert is a witness, who by virtue of educationtrainingskill, or experience, is believed to have expertise and specialized knowledge in a particular subject beyond that of the average person, sufficient that others may officially and legally rely upon the witness’s specialized (scientific, technical or other) opinion about an evidence or fact issue within the scope of his expertise, referred to as the expert opinion, as an assistance to the fact-finder (source: Wikipedia).

Asset-Based Lending Definition:  A business loan secured by collateral (assets). The loan, or line of credit, is secured by inventory, accounts receivable and/or other balance-sheet assets. (source: Investopedia)

Expert Witness Services provided by Larry J. Tapanen and Tim M. Landolt, ASA, MBA

The Tapanen Group is the leading provider of expert witness services and litigation support for industrial properties and special-use facilities across the United States. Our expert witness services include: expert witness testimony, litigation support, appraisal valuation consulting. Our expert witness team is led by Tim M. Landolt, ASA, MBA and Larry Tapanen. For more information about our expert witness and litigation support services, call us at 916-273-9670 or click here to contact us online.